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R-M, premium brand of BASF, is prepared to repair the Peugeot 408 – Obsession blue EDP.

> Press releases > R-M, premium brand of BASF, is prepared to repair the Peugeot 408 – Obsession blue EDP.

When the new premium Peugeot408 Obsession Blue hits the ground in Europe from January 2023 and following the Chinese market, the color of this model will raise special attention to the professional body shop networks, which want to ensure the highest standard and most eco-effective way for an invisible repair.

Partnering with BASF, AECP asked the color experts of BASF’s R-M global team in the R-M Refinish Competence Center in Clermont de l’Oise, about this special color Obsession blue EDP. The R-M team explains the challenges and color characteristics when it comes to the development of the color identification for the aftermarket: The specifics in matching the color Obsession blue comes from the dichroic characteristics as the color changes under light to turquoise or green or dark light to red.

This can be a challenge for painters all over the world not having the right color formulation and paint support. The aim is to help our customers to get the most easy-to-use and perfect color formulae via our digital color identification tool Colortronic 12/6 and Refinity to ensure the most efficient repair job is done.

We have already set new standards in the automotive refinish industry with R-M by introducing the waterborne paint line AGILIS with the lowest VOC content and highest eco-effectiveness ever – and as an innovative response to current and future challenges, R-M offers with AGILIS a new pigment technology and ensures a faster process through easier application with millions of color matches to choose from. For the new Obsession blue EDP color, we identified the original Obsession blue characteristics and created a new color formula that is the most eco-effective and best result for blending or bumper paint repairs.

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