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Who we are

Our story

AECP's creation

The AECP was created on November 17, 1989 on the initiative of Jean Paul BAILLY who foresaw the inevitable development of the European construction and therefore had the idea to bring together all the Peugeot dealers in Europe within the same organization.

Since 2004, a permanent General Secretary has been in charge of coordinating relations between the Brand’s European Division and its distribution network: the AECP members. In order to strengthen its presence and its central interface role, the Amicale became an Association following the Extraordinary General Meeting of 2020.

Our composition

Our members

The members of the association are groups representing Automobiles Peugeot dealers or its subsidiaries in a member country of the European Economic Community (EEC) where Automobiles Peugeot markets its products and services directly or through its import subsidiaries.

In order to be eligible to become an active member of the AECP, AECP members must, as a minimum, represent distributors of new vehicles approved by Automobile PEUGEOT.

Our mission


The purpose of the AECP is to develop, assert and maintain the bonds of friendship between the dealers of the Peugeot Network, to enable European dealers to get to know each other better and exchange information useful to the exercise of their profession, to take into account its evolution, to adapt to regulatory requirements and the enlargement of the Community, and to contribute directly or indirectly to the promotion of the European network of Peugeot Automobile Dealers and to the defence of its material and moral interests.

Our administration

AECP's constitution

AECP is an association under French law governed by the Decree of August 16, 1901 on public administration regulations for the implementation of the law of July 1, 1901 relating to the contract of association. The association is administered by an executive committee of 7 to 10 members. The President and the Vice-Presidents are elected for 3 years renewable (last election on 12/22/2020). Representatives of member countries are volunteers and the functions are free of charge.


André Figueiredo




United Kingdom

FINELLI Federico




MARY François




President of the Council of Elders

BAILLY Jean-Paul



TAK Eric


General Secretary

Lebert Thibault



Working groups

Meetings of the Executive Committee and Working Groups. There are as many Working Groups set up as there are areas to be explored : charges to dealers, digital evolution, commercial policy, quality of service, profitability, GDPR – Data share.

General assemblies

Two General Assemblies per year : one in the spring in one of the member countries, the second, statutory, in autumn, The participants in the General Assemblies are : the members of the Executive Committee, delegations of the representatives of the member countries (they are composed of the President of the association of the member country and one or more members of its bureau), members of the Working Groups.