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R-M’s Pioneer range: innovative paint repair products for electric vehicles

> Press releases > R-M’s Pioneer range: innovative paint repair products for electric vehicles

Peugeot is rapidly adopting e-mobility and introducing numerous new vehicles to the market. According to Geoffrey Gustin, Global Strategic Account Manager at BASF Automotive Refinish Coatings Solutions, the growth of e-mobility is closely tied to the development of new technology such as ADAS, RADAR colors but also advanced EV paint repair solutions for the body shop. BASF leads the way with its most advanced #EcoEffectiveness Automotive Refinish solutions and the R-M premium brand is recognized for its innovative AGILIS and Pioneer series for body shops.

Leading EV Repairs

Customers prioritize sustainability and financial benefits when choosing an electric vehicle. Similarly, it is equally important to consider these aspects when selecting body shop repair solutions like with R-M.

“It is crucial for body shops repairing EVs to stay informed about the latest OEM approvals and refinish paint solutions in order to safely, efficiently, and sustainably repair these vehicles”, confirms Gustin in a conversation with AECP. “We at BASF Automotive Refinish highlight the importance of using solutions that conform with the OEM approved standards when repairing EVs and ensure the most eco-effective repair with the latest color and training information via our cloud-based business platform REFINITY.”

Leading color competence
The introduction of new models and color trends, such as the Peugeot 408 Obsession blue with its dichroic characteristics, can pose a challenge for automotive refinish painters worldwide, especially if they don’t have the right color formulation and paint support. To address this in the most efficient way, R-M offers its huge color expertise and solutions, Colortronic 12/6 digital color identification tool in combination with the Refinity business platform, ensuring the most consistent and efficient repair job is done.

EV – Safe and fast repair processes

The battery temperature of EVs plays a critical role in the paint refinishing process, as excessive and prolonged heat during repairs can result in the battery losing its energy storage capacity or functionality.  Partnering with AECP, R-M premium paint brand of BASF presents the leading EV solutions for the paint body shops like how to reduce temperature times and faster processes with the latest paint innovations.

R-M’s Pioneer Series: The most innovative paint solution

R-M’s most sustainable waterborne paint brand AGILIS offers a VOC content of less than 250g/L and the highest eco-effectiveness combination. With extremely short flash-off times and low energy consumption, AGILIS enables super-efficient paint processes, whether it’s for small repairs or the full repair process, including UV technologies or air-drying.

To address the requirements of the EV segment, R-M offers its Pioneer Series UV and air-drying solutions. Air drying allows body shops to reduce CO2 emissions and energy costs, enabling them to start the repair process earlier and increase the number of vehicles they can repair.

Curing with UV-A light generates lower surface temperatures, eliminating the need for a cooling phase and reducing process times. This improves efficiency and eliminates the need to heat the entire spray booth or vehicle for the drying process.

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