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Goodyear, the ideal partner for Peugeot electric vehicles.

> Press releases > Goodyear, the ideal partner for Peugeot electric vehicles.

The market for electric vehicles has been booming for several years now. By October 2023, they will account for 14.2% of new vehicle registrations.  This transformation has a direct impact on tyres. The needs of electric vehicles are not the same as those of combustion engine vehicles. They are generally heavier vehicles, with more instantaneous acceleration and greater rolling resistance requirements.

To meet this new demand, Goodyear has developed the perfect response, since all the tyres in the Goodyear and Dunlop ranges are perfectly suited to the requirements of today’s electric vehicles, as well as those of the future. To achieve this, Goodyear engineers have worked on several technologies:

SoundConfort” technology, based on the addition of a strip of foam under the tread to reduce noise in the passenger compartment. This technology has made it possible to reduce cabin noise by up to 50%.

Mileage Plus” technology is the result of a reworking of the rubber mix that makes up the tread to achieve longer mileage. If we take the example of our Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance 2, we have a gain of +50% in mileage compared with its predecessor.

Rolling resistance” technology involves a series of changes such as modifying the structure of the tyre, optimising the components and reworking the aerodynamics of the sidewalls to reduce rolling resistance and therefore wear.

Goodyear tyres are perfectly suited to the needs of Peugeot’s electric vehicles. Here are a few examples of possible replacement mounts:

  • Peugeot e-2008 (2020, 57 KW): 215/60R17 100H Vector 4Seasons Gen-3, SAP code 578688
  • Peugeot e-208 (2023, 62 KW): 195/55R16 91H Vector 4Seasons Gen-3, SAP code 578812
  • Peugeot e-Traveller (2020, 57KW): 225/55R17 Vector 4Seasons Gen-3, SAP code 581492